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DD+D’s work with McDonald’s is featured in Foresster Research’s latest book Outside In. p.111

The author’s six disciplines of a mature customer experience organization provide a basis for the book. Each discipline is its own chapter covering: Strategy, Customer Understanding, Design Measurement, Governance, and Culture.



Compete Through Service Symposium ’12

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Showing Customers (and Employees) We Care

McDonald’s has worked hard to adopt a service innovation culture. They do this by utilizing a theatre of service design. They make service design real through brainstorming, modeling, and then simulation testing. They measure the value of service design changes and continue to move service design forward.

With each new service design change, they get feedback from real employees on new innovations. The Experience Design team started as three people in the customer experience division. The division utilizes a number of out-of-the-box methods to help employees continually improve the customer experience. For example, employees go to an improv coach to learn different ways to greet the customer, give them their order, and generally interact with the customer.

Theatrical traditions are built upon sound principles and exercises that promote:

  • Empathy
  • Communication
  • Engagement
  • Trust
  • Collaboration
  • Improvisation

The organization Dramatic Diversity + Design works with companies, including McDonald’s, on different aspects of the customer service experience:

Design Empathy – What barriers do the designers have? How do we break through them?
Bodystorming/Design Improvement – Try things out, see how they feel.
Personas – Bringing customers and their everyday ‘data’ to life, rather than just on a piece of paper.
Performance Testing – Does the product/service work the way we imagined it would?
Making Products Considerate – what characteristics do we want this product to have?

With these tools, McDonald’s designers and employees can ensure that they are delivering the very best customer service experience possible.

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