Workshop: Bodystorming/ Design Improv

discoveryThis session uses a method of problem identification and solving to translate ideas and opportunities into physical experiences explored through improvisation and role-play.  Bodystorming uses a design brief, props and simple costumes to give a sense of place. The process is designed to uncover how relationships between people, locations, and things affect ideas in ways that brainstorming alone cannot. Rapid prototyping at its best!

“I was a participant in Bodystorming a few weeks ago, and I found it to be the ‘best’ medium for developing a ‘design’ concept within a very short period of time. It is an invaluable tool for educators as well as multi-level teams of ‘any’ discipline, to offer lessons in team building and collaboration. Without having any preconceived ideas of what we wanted to achieve, my team developed a conceptual design for an eye-care kiosk within ‘16 minutes’ – while standing.”  Designer, Sears UX

Design Improv Service
You’ve worked hard to design a successful conference for participants, but there are always details that slip through the cracks. Receiving feedback from attendees at the end of the conference is helpful…for next year. But, what if the challenges your participants are experiencing could be identified and rectified during the conference in a fun and unique way?
Improvising on the spot with simple props DD+D’s Design Improv troupe “performs” design solutions for public exhibitions and events where design is a focus. The troupe is an ensemble of designers with improvisation experience and professional actors with design experience.
At your conference, DD+D will explain and distribute the “Problem/Challenge” tags that help the conference attendees highlight problem areas they find around the event.
Our service arrives on the scene like a detective solving a crime. Marking out the incident with demarcation tape, we then improvise design solutions for the problem – often involving the attendees themselves using participatory design techniques.

Aside from the entertaining aspect of our service it gives participants an outlet for frustrations they find in their everyday use of things. It also provides conference organizers with the ability to be responsive to the NEEDS of attendees.

How the service works:
When participants find a problem, they:

  • Label it with a tag
  • Specify the details by filling in the blanks provided on the tag
  • Keep the backing of the tag which contains instructions, and report/register the problem on DD+D’s blog

DD+D’s team deploys an innovative approach to helping product and service designers use acting methodology and improvisation to engage in the design process as well as communicate and collaborate around design possibilities.