Workshop: Performance Testing

This session is similar to a theatre rehearsal.  Using an existing scenario this session tests how users interact with low and high fidelity products or services. Designers act out scenes based on users’ (embodied personas) problems identified during the research phase to step into the shoes of the user in the context of a particular touchpoint or day-in-the-life. Participants learn how to use their embodied insights to create rich contextual scenarios.

“Forcing us to step into the simulation of our project showed some of inefficiencies in our designs.” Designer, Design for America


Making Products Considerate

This workshop encourages designers and key stakeholders to think differently about the products they design. Using customized design briefs; participants play the role of the product as they interact with users (embodied personas), to understand what users’ want from an experience with a product.  Participants explore creating products that are deferential, forthcoming, and perceptive. Learn to design good product behavior.

“It gave the team time to consider situations that may come up. Usually these situations are considered after the fact = design rework.  The session forces us to not just walk through the steps as product developers but instead think of products as people with their own expectations and emotions. “   Product designer, global quick service restaurant